What is mediation?

state certified divorce mediator massachusettsAs couples are realize the financial and emotional cost of a litigated divorce, more and more they are choosing to mediate. This gives them more control over the outcome and has the option of finalizing an agreement without judicial intervention. Having greater control over the partition of their estate as well as the child care agreement makes the process less stressful for all parties involved.

As a state-certified Mediator, Attorney Judith Wayne is qualified to help her clients come to their agreement with full confidence in its legality and outcome.

So, how does mediation work?

A mediator acts as a facilitator to help both parties resolve their divorce issues. Unlike a court case where a judge is involved, a mediator does not decide or rule on the issues and it is up to the parties themselves to reach an agreement.

Having an impartial third party involved in the process can relieve a good deal of the anxiety that comes with ending a marriage. One thing to be aware of is that mediation may involve more than one session if the parties are unable to decide on all the issues at one time.

Like any discussion of an issue, mediation works best when the parties involved are open to suggestions and compromise. In some divorce cases where there is a great deal of contention and hostility, mediation may not be the best solution, but in many cases it is highly effective in bringing about a settlement that works for both parties.