property division marblehead lawyerWe will protect your assets as if they were our own

A skilled property division attorney can be the difference between a secure future post-divorce or loss of property and valuable assets.

In the course of your initial consultation, Attorney Wayne will help you review assets such as:

  • Real estate, including primary residence, second homes and cabins
  • Retirement assets, including pensions, 401(k) accounts, IRAs and stock options
  • Stocks and bank accounts
  • Family businesses
  • Marital debts

Equitable Distribution

Massachusetts courts use a system known as “equitable distribution” to divide marital property wherein all marital assets, no matter in which party’s name, are gathered and divided by the court. An important distinction is that “equitable” may not mean 50-50. If one spouse has substantially more earning power than the other, the less well-off spouse may be awarded more property during divorce proceedings.

Assets you owned before getting married as well as gifts or inheritance received during your marriage are likely to remain your own after divorce, but they can also be determined to be part of the marital estate. With this in mind, Attorney Wayne will conduct a thorough analysis of your family’s finances.