divorce-couple-silhouetteWhile the decision to end a marriage is never an easy one,  having an attorney to help navigate the legal system can do a great deal to ease your fears and worries. Attorney Judith Wayne has been helping clients through the divorce process for over 30 years. Since each case can present its own unique set of circumstances, her experience is a great asset in guiding your case through the courts.

We are the only divorce law firm with an physical office in Marblehead, and we also represent clients in the North Shore area and throughout Massachusetts as far west as Pittsfield and as far east as Cape Cod and the Islands.

Although Attorney Wayne is fully prepared to represent clients who wish to bring their case to trial, resolving your divorce by means of negotiation is definitely an option. Divorce can be difficult, but her goal is to guide you through the process so it is as painless as possible.

The choice to resolve divorce issues through negotiation can save you time, money and aggravation. Attorney Judith Wayne also has resources that can help you deal with the challenges you face, such as divorce counseling and divorce support groups.