co-habitation agreement lawyer marblehead north shore maMost unmarried couples realize that they do not have the automatic legal protections that married couples do under Massachusetts law if their relationship breaks down. For this very reason, it is important to consider a co-habitation agreement.

5 Reasons to get a Co-Habitation Agreement

  • In the event your relationship ends, you will have a hard time receiving what is rightfully yours without one.
  • Do you and your partner have real estate held in only one person’s name but you both make payments towards that property?
  • Do you and your partner operate a business together?
  • Does one of you pay much more than the other towards household expenses?
  • Did one of you has support the other while they earned a degree?
  • If you and your partner have children together, how will they be affected if you decide to part ways?

Establish your property and individual “rules of the road” ahead of time and you will prevent a scenario in which an already difficult time is worsened by contention and financial instability.