child custody lawyer north shore maThe traditional notion of child custody (in which the mother has primary custody and the father has visitation rights) has changed over the past decade to include a much wider range of options. Families who wish to maintain their children’s sense of  place and well-being are increasingly opting for solutions that can present unique situations for Family Law courts.

Some of these new changes include more fathers seeking joint physical custody of children and Massachusetts courts re-defining the concept of visitation, as “parenting time”.  However, two concepts have remained the same: Legal Custody, which concerns decision-making authority for your child’s medical care, religious upbringing, education and general well-being and Physical custody, which is where the child lives.

The following is a list of some of the issues that I can help you with in a child custody settlement:

  • Achieving custody and parenting time orders that are fair and workable for all parties involved
  • Modifications to custody and parenting arrangements
  • Proposed child relocations
  • Enforcement of custody and parenting orders
  • Protection of your parental rights
  • Custody and parenting issues facing unmarried parents